Mar 11

Quick Tip Hard DriveSometimes Mac OS X goes a little crazy and won’t let you eject an external drive, even after it’s no longer in use by any application. If you can’t unmount a disk even after all open applications are closed, and don’t want to restart your machine, this little Terminal trick is for you.

Simply open the Terminal, and type:

diskutil unmountDisk force /Volumes/DISK_NAME

Just replace DISK_NAME with the volume name (yes, it’s case sensitive) and you are all set!

Disclaimer: Make sure you have closed all applications that could be using the drive, and that the drive is not in use, or you could suffer data loss/corruption!

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One Response to “Quick Tip: Force a disk to unmount in OS X”

  1. Labib says:

    Thank you!! that was GOOD help, it really worked :)

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